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Justine Waddell

for fans of Justine Waddell

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for fans of Justine Waddell
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I couldn't believe Miss Waddell didn't have a fan community on Livejournal, so I decided to create one.

This should be fairly straightforward; anyone who is a fan of (or interested in) Justine Waddell is welcome to join. Feel free to post anything related to her; pictures, links, quotes/interviews, information, reviews, questions, news/updates, icons/graphics, et cetera.

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Without wanting to take away from the fun, I have to lay down a few basic rules.

1. Be polite and try to avoid arguments; they're just not fun.
2. Keep things as PG-rated as possible; no nude or crude icons or comments, please.
3. No bad language or swearing.
4. Oh, and please use lj-cuts when necessary (long posts with lots of text or large images); it's only polite. If you don't know how to, learn here.

We want a peaceful community; flagrant breaking of these rules, or refusal to behave when asked, will ultimately result in being banned from the community.

I may add more rules if I find it necessary, so don’t force me to.

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Date of Birth: 1976, November 4
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Currently resides in London.
Moved to Scotland from South Africa at the age of ten. First, she was a South African child, then a Scottish adolescent, and finally an English teenager after her family planted itself in London.
Has three sisters and a brother.
Gordon H. Waddell, her father, was Captain of the Scottish Rugby Team.
Wanted to be a documentary filmmaker.
Studied Sociology and Political Science at Cambridge's Emmanuel College.
Has starred in a production of The Sea Gull and Ivanov alongside actor Ralph Fiennes.
Played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet when she attended Cambridge University.
Read an audio adaption for Mansfield Park in 1999.

Trivia from IMDB.

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Yahoo! group
Visions Of Justine Waddell (Yahoo! group)

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